The Dutch are all…

It is taking a lot longer than I anticipated to bring my accommodation situation to a satisfying post-worthy conclusion. So in the meantime, I’ve been chucking a David Attenborough and observing the natives of my new country.

There are some nationalities that when mentioned instantly bring stereotypes to mind. For instance: Americans are all ignorant and stupid. Brits all have bad teeth. Germans are all humourless robots. French men are all arrogant bastards who smoke and drink too much. Canadians are all awesome and are welcome to crash at my place anytime. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t quite universal.

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The hunting of houses.

The hunting of houses is a delicate affair. Houses are particularly variable creatures, adapting their characteristics to suit local conditions. Many a seasoned hunter has confidently applied proven hunting techniques, only to discover that his target was a variant invulnerable to his methods.

The Dutch student house, a genus including the species of apartment, room, studio and share house, is notoriously elusive. I was advised that the beast was most commonly taken out through attrition, that is to say persistent, repetitious and consistent applications of force aimed at its weak points, designed to bring the animal to a point of exhaustion where it would no longer be able offer any resistance. As an outsider to the Dutch Student Housing tribe my status as a hunter in this field was precarious from the outset. However, I was determined not to let the odds overwhelm me. With my trusty tools internet, email, and Google Translate, I set about studying my prey. Continue reading

Leavin’ on a jet plane…

And so it begins. Both my virgin blog experience and my life in a foreign country.

Quite a number of friends suggested (requested, demanded) that I keep a blog whilst studying in The Hague so all and sundry can keep up to date with my adventures. Well children of a lesser god, here it is. Let’s see whose patience and persistence runs out first, shall we?

A brief summary of how a vertically challenged Australian ended up living in the land of giant, possibly flying, Dutchmen.

I hereby promise to photograph any instances of flying Dutchmen.

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