The definition of irony.

Today a man walked into the gym carrying his workout clothes in a McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” bag.

True story.


B’s Helpful Guide to Moving to the Netherlands.

Oh, if only I knew then the things I know now. If I could go back three months and re-move to The Hague, the things I would do differently! Actually, let’s go back five months and start the process again. I would change about 87% of what I did in preparation and once I got here.

But sadly, not matter how many episodes of Dr Who I watch, I still haven’t managed to master the art of time travel. So I shall simply content myself with passing on my infinite wisdom to any lesser mortals who choose to follow in my footsteps. So here it is:

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Get (c)lucky.

There seems to have been a recent explosion of babies amongst my friends and family. Everywhere I look, (ok, mainly Facebook) there are pictures of babies, statuses about babies, pictures of baby bumps. One couple even named me the fertility fairy, as wherever I go, a string of babies seems to follow.

If I were a man, you would have legitimate reason to start ordering paternity tests, but seeing as I am a woman and the closest I have been to pregnancy is multiple food babies, I can safely say that none of these adorable crying lumps of poo and vomit are mine.

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