I saw the sign.

A cloud of fear has descended on The Hague. People step out of their doors in the morning full of trepidation. There is a palpable sense of anxiety, a collective apprehension barely contained. Something has changed.

The B is abroad.

Mounted on her metal machine, nothing in her path is safe. People, pigeons, all things scatter before her. She stalks the streets leaving destruction in her wake.

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The Have and Have-nots.

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. I’m sorry I’ve stopped talking to you for no apparent reason. I’m sorry I’ve pulled the blogging equivalent of the “Not tonight honey, I have a headache” excuse everyday for the last month.

If you are expecting a thrilling and enthralling explanation, now would be the time to lower your expectations. Have I been busy? Yeah. Have I been lazy? Hell yeah. Have I been acting like a total twit in public as per usual? Tick. Do I have some interesting stories to share? Yep. Can they be shared on a blog my parents know about? Cue frantic head shaking and boggle eyes.

In case you are socially awkward and incapable of interpreting body language accurately, that last one’s a no.

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