Wishful thinking

I’m going to admit it: I suck at shopping.

As a girl, I realise that this is an activity I am supposed to have a natural affinity for, and that being a female human sans shopping stamina is a bit like being a panther without claws or like a dolphin that can’t swim. Unless my shopping trip involves chocolate or books, my enthusiasm levels match that of Marvin the Paranoid Android, and I’m about as fun to be around.


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Portugal: An alphabetical roundup.

A while ago I wrote a post entitled A is for Apple. I liked the title immensely, and had grand plans for a whole thread of observations and hilarious anecdotes based on the alphabet (seriously, there would be nothing more satisfying than finishing with Z is for Zelenka). Imagine my shock when my life didn’t progress according to the alphabetical sequence! After contemplating inane and mediocre posts like C is for cold and M is for music, I reluctantly abandoned the idea of an alphabet thread.

Until now.

Ok, I know one post is just that, a post not a thread, but whatever. Don’t shoot me down here people!

I just came back from three weeks in Portugal (yes, life is hard) and my time there was so full of beautiful, fun and interesting things that I was quite perplexed as to how to go about chronicling my adventures. There is no chance in hell I would have the patience to write a day by day journal, and even less of a chance in hell that anyone would find 21 days of my holidays interesting. There are only so many times you can read “And then I ate cake” without getting bored.

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