Reality Bites.

Five facts of life that I dislike intensely:

1. One starts to get wrinkles before pimples have ceased to occur.

2. One cannot eat endless amounts of chocolate and maintain a decent figure.

3. One cannot watch four seasons of Mad Men in a week and hope to turn up to singing lessons with new repertoire prepared.

4. One cannot return library books three weeks late without incurring a hefty fine.

5. Winter is coming.

Reality is exceedingly unfair.

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When in Rome…

So before the advent of Sorrowful September, I was lucky enough to spend Awesome August in the country that gave us the Renaissance, pasta, Pavarotti and in-floor heating. That’s right people, I literally spent an entire month luxuriating under the Tuscan sun.

I had been awarded a scholarship to study a four week Italian course at the Michelangelo Institute in Florence, which I was super excited about. Not only because I got to learn Italian in Italy, but because I would have a full four weeks of eating authentic pasta and gelato. And it would be glorious. Friends from Australia who now live in Germany had done the same course a month before, and my appetite (both literal and figurative) for all things Italian had well and truly been whetted by their Facebook pages.

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