Sometimes I am convinced that rather than being a human of standard skeletal construction, I am in fact a mutant. A mutant with a weapon built in to my anatomy, and angled in such a way that no matter what posture I adopt, no matter how I attempt to align myself, I am biologically designed to shoot myself in the foot.

Obviously, this is a metaphor. I’m relatively certain that had I been born with such an actual disfigurement, my parents would have had a surgeon sort it out.

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B’s Helpful Guide to Moving to the Netherlands.

Oh, if only I knew then the things I know now. If I could go back three months and re-move to The Hague, the things I would do differently! Actually, let’s go back five months and start the process again. I would change about 87% of what I did in preparation and once I got here.

But sadly, not matter how many episodes of Dr Who I watch, I still haven’t managed to master the art of time travel. So I shall simply content myself with passing on my infinite wisdom to any lesser mortals who choose to follow in my footsteps. So here it is:

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Perché la vita è dura.

Murphy’s Law states:

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

In case the significance of Murphy’s Law is still lost on you, please go to your DVD collection. Select any movie from the comedy or horror genres. Fast forward to where one of the characters unwittingly says “What could possibly go wrong?” Watch the ensuing catastrophe.

Murphy’s Law also has an alternative definition. That definition is 21st September, 2013.

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Leavin’ on a jet plane…

And so it begins. Both my virgin blog experience and my life in a foreign country.

Quite a number of friends suggested (requested, demanded) that I keep a blog whilst studying in The Hague so all and sundry can keep up to date with my adventures. Well children of a lesser god, here it is. Let’s see whose patience and persistence runs out first, shall we?

A brief summary of how a vertically challenged Australian ended up living in the land of giant, possibly flying, Dutchmen.

I hereby promise to photograph any instances of flying Dutchmen.

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