When in Rome…

So before the advent of Sorrowful September, I was lucky enough to spend Awesome August in the country that gave us the Renaissance, pasta, Pavarotti and in-floor heating. That’s right people, I literally spent an entire month luxuriating under the Tuscan sun.

I had been awarded a scholarship to study a four week Italian course at the Michelangelo Institute in Florence, which I was super excited about. Not only because I got to learn Italian in Italy, but because I would have a full four weeks of eating authentic pasta and gelato. And it would be glorious. Friends from Australia who now live in Germany had done the same course a month before, and my appetite (both literal and figurative) for all things Italian had well and truly been whetted by their Facebook pages.

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2014: Keep it Clean

Yesterday was spent in the company of the Global Siblings, acting as host and tour guide to The Hague. Well, attempting to act as tour guide. My incompetence in my own city was highlighted by getting us lost not only once, but twice in search of cafés and monuments that I know rather well, as well as managing to get myself a fine on the public transport system. B strikes again.

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